Cameron Smith

Welcome to Techniques in Practice

I have worked on diverse projects combining people, business objectives and technology.

During my career I have seen many techniques (methodologies, technologies, tools) arrive on the scene, grow to a crescendo of hype, and then give way to the next hot thing. Sometimes, but not always, leaving behind a useful residue. My own approach has always been to use a dose of common sense and try to apply what works in practice. This approach of course has its own adjective - prag-ma-tic - which has itself become a buzzword!

This occasional blog is an attempt to relate useful case studies, from real experience, of this praxis.

Where relevant I will also mention other sources of information (principally books, articles and blog posts) that I consider to be genuinely useful in this regard.


Please find links to my blog posts on the left.

The Useful Links page is updated every so often, and contains links to articles and resources which have found particularly helpful - plus a note about why I found them so.

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